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Hi there,
first of all: Thank you for clicking on this link!

We love to create this awesome festival for you and are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we receive every single day.
There are hundreds of applications from bands all over Europe who want to play on our stage,
people tell us that they’re eagerly waiting for the ticket sales to start and we even met R:O:A fans all the way down in Italy!
We are very proud to see so many things working out well.

But there is always something to improve and you can help us doing so:

Our main goal for 2022 is an unlimited drinking water supply on the festival area, so you can have a refreshing shower and free water whenever you like..
and we don’t have to worry about filling the pool to the brim! In order to establish this, we need to install a 1,5km (1 mile) long water pipeline and
bridge a height difference of around 70 meters (230 feet). This is going to be a big technical & financial challenge and compared to the previous years,
the most expensive task we have planned in the past six years.
But this doesn’t stop us at all!

We appreciate your support and give our best to make the coming R:O:A 2022 another awesome and even more comfortable experience for you!
Thank you!

If you want to donate to us and help us achieve this and many other touch-ups, you can do it via:


or Cryptos 🙂

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